Break Free From Plastic

The Plastic Problem

Plastic pollution poses huge risks to our health, ecosystems, and world. Luckily, we have many innovators and defenders to help keep our globe healthy. An environmental activist organization, Surfrider, fights for our environment everyday. They aim to reduce sources of plastic pollution. Geared towards protecting our country with laws, they lobby to prohibit the use of easily littered plastics such as bags, straws, balloons, and styrofoam. While they strongly support preventing pollution, they are constanting funding agencies that are responsive to our plastic problem. Local chapters of Surfrider even host trash cleanups in important environments to get our communities involved and active.

The Break Free From Plastic Act

Surfrider has been influential in creating the Break Free from Plastic Pollution Act. They ask for the support of Congress and our people to pass their legislation which addresses our global plastic problem. This bill requires producers of “packaging, containers, and food-service products” to create waste management programs that involve recycling. It seeks to ban single-use plastic products that are not recyclable and place a fee on the distribution of single-use plastic bags. It requires our country to establish a national recycled content minimum to make sure our recyclables are being properly handled. It wants to prohibit plastic waste from being shipped abroad to less developed countries. It aims to protect states and local governments that have enacted environmentally focused laws. It addresses our micro-plastic problem which includes the prevention and removal of plastic products. Lastly, the Break Free from Plastic Pollution Act asks for a pause in plastic creation until the EPA re-evaluates its guidelines and creates more vigorous regulations.

Our Support For The Act

At Lean Orb, we fully support Surfrider and their Break Free from Plastic Pollution Act. We actively participate in Surfrider campaigns and hope to provide any help in preventing plastic pollution. We believe that Surfrider is creating real changes that will push our nation and world forward.

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