green bamboo shoots


By utilizing the waste from the fibrous stalks from sugarcane, we are able to create highly sustainable plates, bowls, to-go containers and cups. 

Areca Palm Leaf

Palm leaf fiber has been used as dinnerware in India for hundreds of years. With a single Areca nut trees naturally shedding 6 leaves every year, palm trees in acre can produce up to 2700 sheaths in a year. High heat is applied to shape the plates using non-toxic production process which doesn’t aggravate deforestation. Fallen palm leaf disposable tableware can use commercial composting facility as well as residential.


Bamboo is one of the most important non-wood species, this versatile grass grows lightning fast, making it great alternative to hacking down old-growth forests. Lean Orb uses it to create all natural sturdy cutlery and cups that serve as an alternative to commonly used plastics.

Wheat Straw 

Unbleached by-product of wheat straw production that would otherwise be discarded and wasted. Wheat straw that we use comes from the stalks of wheat plants, which do not store protein, gluten, or allergens. 


100% Natural Birchwood is used for disposable cutlery and trays. All raw materials are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. We avoid using any chemicals or dyes. 

Post-consumer paper

Post-consumer recycled paper helps us eliminate the need for harvesting more virgin materials where possible.