Wholesale Orders

Wholesale Compostable Packaging Ordering Process

1. Choose Your Product

Our catalog covers a wide range of products – coffee cups, plates, straws, cutlery, bowls and to-go boxes, napkins, paper bags and other sustainable catering supplies.

Our Compostable Food Packaging Catalog

Check out our compostable food packaging products in our online store here


2. Say Hello

Email us at team@leanorb.com to let us know which product you are interested in. You may include some additional information:

- How soon do you need the product?
- How much are you looking to purchase?
- Will you be looking for a one-time purchasing or recurring orders?
- Have you used compostable products before?
- Would you like custom branding for your order?
- Where will the product be shipped?


3. Receive A Quote

Our team will send a quote within the next 24-hours of the request and explain which warehouse facility will be shipping the order.