Why Palm Leaf Plates Make A Difference

The World's Plastic Problem

In the 21st century, single use plastics are used daily. Whether you are getting take-out from your favorite, local restaurant or buying drinks from festivities, plastics are in all of our food containers. Unfortunately, this has detrimental effects on our ecosystems. Plastics can stay in our water and life cycles for many years after it’s produced. Animals eat it, we eventually digest it and plastics can cause long term damages to our health. Luckily, ancient Indian practices have found a sustainable packaging source.


The Origin of Palm Leaf Plates

Palm Leaf plates have been used in Indian tradition for centuries. Areca Palm trees are found all over Asia. Without having to cut down a single tree, in India local farmers collect the fallen palm leaves. They then trim all the fallen leaves before being sent to a manufacturing site. The leaves themselves are resistant to all food and oils so they make the perfect dishware. The leaves are washed and cleaned with water. Each dishware is made by pressing the dampened palm leaves between two hot plates into the desired shape. After being pressed between the plates, they are laid out to dry under the sun and remove any additional residue from the plant. They are sanitized again and ready for use! They compost within 60 days. There is no coating, no lining, and no plastics in the palm leaf plates. The plates can be used for all food: hot, cold, wet, dry, greasy, or gravy. They are sturdy and reusable multiple times before finally being composted. There is no deforestation necessary. It’s a simple process for a big solution!


Paying Homage To The Roots

These plates have been historically used in Indian weddings, temples, parties, and other wonderful events throughout the centuries. While we produce palm leaf plates, at Lean Orb we want to pay homage to the traditional roots of such a sustainable practice. We are grateful to the originators of this sustainable practice and hope we can share its important historical value. These palm leaf plates are an impressive solution to our overproduction of single use plastic. By investing into sustainability, we hope that the hospitality industry will live with nature instead of against it


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