Culinary Art through Packaging

Each chef tells the tale of their life through meals; using cooking as their medium, they tell the story of their childhood, their country, and their passions through the intentional choices they make. From the sauce to the meat to the packaging itself, each component of a meal creates the world from which each artist comes. Their narrative is both delicious and fascinating; an incredible tale leaves the consumers craving more knowledge and food. These lasting impressions bring loyal customers back to the restaurant, creating a personal connection with the chef and their vision. While the taste itself is essential to a meal, the presentation is an art form and communication as well. 

Packaging is an open letter to consumers, telling them parts of a story that transcend food. The design of the dishware itself brings an ambiance and meaning to simple plates and cups. Whether those plates and cups are a certain color, setting the mood, or give a bigger meaning, each decision is delicately decided. 

Unfortunately during COVID-19, the opportunity to communicate with consumers was compromised. No longer did diners enjoy the ambiance of music and lighting combined with high end cutlery and dishware. Many people dearly missed their old haunts, so much so that they compromised their experience to enjoy the food. A culture of take-out dining thrived while many quarantined at home. While that helped keep restaurants afloat, unfortunately it had negative implications for waste production. Part of a chef’s craft was taken from them, forced to use simple styrofoam and single-use plastics that polluted our waterways. However, many chefs noticed this issue and turned towards creative, green solutions. 

At Lean Orb, we can bring your passion for the environment to the table through our eco-friendly packaging. All of our products are completely compostable. We focus on reducing plastic pollution from the beginning of the cycle while advocating for environmental justice towards the end of a product’s lifetime. We are deeply dedicated to protecting our biosphere while enabling a passion for the culinary art. Together, we can help bring that culinary creativity to life and create packaging that represents your values better. Help us protect our oceans, beaches, and waves.

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