The Grove Stove

While many kids impatiently await summer vacations filled with ice cream, beaches, and fun, many of our West Grove children go hungry. During the school year, struggling families rely on provided breakfast and lunches to feed their kids. With the added pressure of two meals and hungry mouths, parents feel more financial burden during the summer. 

Luckily, there are everyday superheroes here in Coral Gables. The Grove Stove project is designed to support Coconut Grove’s children by providing nutritious meals from local restaurants to affected families. Grove Stove has delivered 3,000 meals for their summer initiative. Being able to relieve food burdens from families has created a stronger community and currently, Grove Stove works with nine amazing restaurants. They even provide ice cream on Fridays to lift spirits and energy! 

In addition to saving lives, Grove Stove has also turned their attention to sustainability efforts. Karen Beber noticed the styrofoam waste from the initiative and as a Miami local  understood the grave impacts pollution had on our ecosystems. In collaboration with Lean Orb’s compostable packaging, Grove Stove has brought nutrition to Coconut Grove’s children and soil. 

While feeding our children, Grove Stove also takes the time to educate during the summer. Their efforts focus on sustainability in life; whether it be with employment, food waste, or environmental justice, sustainability is a core value. This program provides and educates opportunities for the West Grove in the bustling and exciting Coconut Grove businesses while helping make ends meet in the meantime. 

The Grove Stove is gratefully supported by the Grove Bid with special thanks to Cynthia Seymour who gave the original green light for the project. When Karen Beber originally brought up the idea, the Grove Bid enthusiastically jumped on such a gratifying initiative. 

While Grove Stove has already done amazing work, they have ambitious plans for the future. With the goal of providing more meals, Grove Stove is hoping to involve businesses, individuals, and families so we can all take part in the wonderful impacts Grove Stove has on our Coral Gables community. Additionally, they hope to continue the program throughout the year, providing as much relief as possible to families. 

As Karen Beber explains, “when the community is strong, business is strong. When business is strong the community is strong.” 

Special thanks to the following participating restaurants: 

Kush Hospitality

Saffron in the Grove

Meraki Greek Bistro

Munch Virtual Food Hall

The Blonde Bistro

Bellini at Mr. C

The Last Carrot



Bianco Gelato (popsicles on Fridays!)

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