The course of the world is changing...

With over 180 billion plastic food and beverage disposables discarded every year, our goal is to offer the most reliable packaging solutions to our customers who are advancing their industries with bold leadership towards sustainability.

As a leader in earth-friendly packaging, we are taking a holistic approach by developing a whole new generation of plant-based fibers that can withstand liquids, oily foods along with high temperatures.

Our expertise lies in finding the most dynamic and reliable solutions for plastic packaging and we work side by side with each individual client.

Our Solution

We offer compostable, disposable packaging items and catering supplies that are technologically advanced, high-quality, yet affordable solutions for any business or home that serves food on-the-go. Our products provide:

  • alternatives to single-use plastic (industrial or backyard)
  • products which are designed to be temperature and grease-proof
  • assistance to market their sustainability advancement

Why sustainable disposables?

Around the world 180 billion plastic disposables are discarded by the foodservice industry. Today our society is producing about 300 million tons of plastic waste every year, and 32% of that waste leaks into our environment, choking our oceans and contaminating our soil.

Current conversion rates for recycling are simply not high enough, and the demand for available solutions keeps growing. We believe that progress is only possible through generosity, innovation, and partnership for humanity.

Our impact goes beyond plastic reduction. About 14 billion tons of biomass/year are produced in agricultural cycles, and of this nearly 12 billion tons/year are essentially discharged as waste. Lean Orb is solving the front-end of the equation by building products using a variety of agricultural waste vs virgin fibers where possible.