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Our Vision


A community of people that do great work.
Artists. Activists. Educators.

The course of the world is changing, we are at the moment in modern history where a big-picture humanistic thinking is getting a well-deserved spotlight.  Society is demanding an ethical supply chain so the buyer, the seller, and the community are all in a conversation promoting consumption of goods that are good for the world. Being robbed of that connection will simply mean a ceaseless wave of modern day slavery. The good news is that our consumer power is the loudest voice we have, so we must work together and speak up. Our question is, can we choose in our business or personal life to embrace the concept of inclusiveness, transparency, and generosity for others in the community. We say yes, as we imagine that success of any company must depend on a partnership for humanity. We say yes to the generosity and environmental innovation. Having said yes to all that, here is our way of keeping that promise…

Knowing that majority of planet’s population has no access to the traditional infrastructure, it’s important to know that we provide primary level education as well as basic training in micro-enterprise for women who choose to work with us, because aside from the environmental commitment, we want to contribute to the community’s well-being.  Truth is, the world is now home to 781 million illiterate adults – with 68% of illiterate adults in India being women.  To contribute to the wellness of people that need it most, Lean Orb partnered with Endeavour manufacturing of CREDSO. Crescent Educational Society (CREDSO) has been fighting economic inequalities in India since 1992 by providing employment opportunities to women otherwise left unable to provide for their families. Our product will simply mean more people having access to basic education and dignified work, which will in return nourish global trade with more brain fuel.

One last thought, today we must prepare for the better future that will require us to think beyond the simple functionality of products and truly thrive for the enchanting quality by raising standards across all sectors. It is today that our future is created, the future of kind people.

“Women and girls should be able to determine their own future, no matter where they are born.” – Melinda Gates


Compassionate partnership and manufacturing


Ecologically sustainable materials


Circular Economy